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Just amazing all these problems.. How do you rush soemthing out the door and at the$$$ they are asking that has so many problems?
At least she danced better then the Kate the sack of potatoes.
No thanks too much $$$ I will use my slingbox..
FIX.. They need to keep the media whore on for ratings.. What a sham.. are they kidding..
OK I can see some that are for her and others are against her but how do you go on a show like that if you have 0 abilty to dance?? Ohhh another 15 mins of fame there you go.. well you get what you wish for. You could see what type of person she must really be when she started up with her partner during practice.
You call some of those people stars??
You have to teach her way.. OK or else...
It looked like he was dancing (throwing) a bag of potatoes around the floor..
Glossy and I have no issues with it...the 52b750 was rated the top if not the top LCD in 2009..
Audio? Yes. Just set the PS3 for PCM audio out. and has great sound..
New Posts  All Forums: