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Nothing wrong with making money, but you'd think somebody would take a step back and say "hey, we can also make money by putting some effort into creating an engaging story that respects the characters". But no, they'd rather be lazy and do schlock with empty spectacle. It's also obvious that the director and actors didn't respect the title character at all.
I'm continually fascinated by Hollywood's priorities (or lack thereof) when producing movies. They continue to crank out B (or C or D or...) movies on A movie budgets.
Referencing the show on The Big Bang Theory is nerdness to the second power.
Exactly. The question comes up after the shock of the revelation wears off.
I'm not saying it wouldn't be an "oh wow" moment. But it wouldn't take long to start asking "ok, where the hell did the aliens come from", which really amounts to the same question about where we come from.
Other aspects of a movie can help compensate, but I still find the idea unsatisfying.
From the episode "Metamorphosis"?
That just tells me they can't really answer the question
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