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As mentioned, a San Fran OTA thread already exists.
Sorry, I guess I never subscribed to this thread, so missed your message. I haven't heard anything, but then again, I probably wouldn't.
First, we need your location and TV Fool info as stated in the instructions at the top of this section.
Mine was never happy at anything over 55c. Added the slot fan and a stronger case fan. Got it down under 50 and didn't have any further issues, though in all honesty, the card only stayed in the computer a couple more weeks after that. Once BHN put copy-once on every channel, out it came.
What's the card's temperature when it fails? I had to get a slot-mounted fan blowing directly on the thing to get it to stop doing that.
MORE off topic posts removed. I'm not kidding. Discuss the topic and NOT EACH OTHER OR ANY OTHER MEMBER. Last chance.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point, but my Samsung gets everything I subscribe to. Basic, premium, sports packages. Encrypted, SDV, ClearQAM.
Straying too much. Let's get back to the show.
Bickering removed, infractions issued. Discuss the topic and not each other. Further off topic posting may result in the user being banned from the thread without additional notice. Or words to that effect. It's early. Need coffee.
Unnecessary posts removed.
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