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You can get new panasonic remotes on ebay for $15. Part number is N2QAYB000862.
Horses and buggies used to be popular too.
Any consumer / electronics publication out there will tell you extended warranties for TVs are a waste of money. And the endless "My Uncle Ted had a warranty, his tv broke" posts are just fodder for the stupid.
Buy a $45 Line conditioner and you won't have "power issues".
With no signal input, a screen will almost always have artifacts of the last thing shown. This is not burn in. If you apply a signal and can see a logo THEN you could have image retention which shows itself above the minimal state of a panel with active signal. I wouldn't doubt the majority of all the forum IR nonsense stems from this. A problem which does not exist in viewing, but the customer "knows" it's there. This is one of the reasons no mfg warranties BI. This is...
What do you mean by "go down"??? If the tv is 100/mb, the port will run at 100mb.
I remember reading a letter to CR once. It was from some hysterical forum cowboy who accused them of a big "coverup" because the forums were loaded with posts about scope readings on a highly rated TV. Their reply to the paragraphs long rant was simple: "not apparent in normal viewing". I'm absolutely sure half of these silly "burn in" posts come from people looking at screens with no signal input before they turn on their DVD players etc.
The only viewing issues with resolution are the size of the screen and how far you are from it. Each screen size will have a viewing distance beyond which you cannot see the improvement of 1080 over 720. If from your original post you are talking about using the tv's native support for viewing files via its built in firmware and USB connection, anybody viewing the majority of their content this way would use a media pc. There is no way a tv would give all the options and...
It wouldn't matter in any case. If it was gigabit, it would auto-negotiate 100 or 10 mb. And the tv could not utilize the 1g bandwidth anyway.
If it's "not affecting" your viewing, it's not burn in. And if you never knew you had it in the first place, I suggest taking up a new hobby.
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