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dvdguru, i havent been here in a while but in reading thru the posts i notice you were calling my brother about an hdtv issue. if no one informed you phil really is gone. he left twc in october and moved to los angeles! just fyi.
FOX-HD ON 240???? Just looked at my tv and noticed Fox is on 240 although the broadcast is not in HD yet.I'll wait til after 8pm to see if any shows come on in HD but as long as I'm here YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ok thats it.
I think what he means is that its nice to be related to someone who works there.Vash tell me if I'm wrong?Its impossible for you to be any faster and know so much.And I'm 99.999999% sure I know who it is.Heck his name is in this forum in the Charlotte thread?I cant guess any more than that.
It does appear that discovery is being tested per a call I just made.Thats why its "hidden" from normal viewing.Of course theirs always some issue to work out prior to a network being fully enabled but hopefully we'll see it sooner than later on and active for everyone to see! *can you hear me big brother?!?!
herrfish1 actually you can get HD from TWC by getting the HD box with basic only.If a csr doesnt know then ask for someone in the HD dept.Several people have asked about this before and I'm sure it was posted earlier.Just takes a phone call.The HD channels are on basic with the exception of HBO and SHowtime.
Hey bdfox18doe, any idea how soon you'll be on TWC? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see fox in hd!They dont even have the 480p here in Charlotte yet.
Bama, Call your local cable office and ask someone in the hdtv dept if they have that box yet or will be getting it.I'm not sure if all TWC systems have adopted that particular hd settop yet.Cant hurt to try.Unless something better comes along(HD-DVR!) my 3510hd box has a home for good!
RSawdey, This is true however I have a cable box now that does sort of the same thing and I do get a scaled version of the DT channels with it and it looks fine.All I'm saying is let them try it before we bash it.Who knows what ew avenues it could open up? With the problems of "bandwith real estate"this could be a good answer or a help to the problems with adding content and improving PQ!I want more HD just like everyone else with an hdtv set but I dont want my standard...
After looking at it more carefully,what the device does is allows MSO's to broadcast only DT channels and if you dont have an HD set then you will basically get a scaled version of the digital channel would probably look more like a hi-res picture.May even be dvd quality depending on the broadcaster and whether or not the service provider compresses the channels.Notice the articale states "Then operators can stop transmitting analog signals and go all digital".All digital...
TWC does use the 3150hd from pioneer which is basically the same box just a different provider name.It works great on widescreens and even downconverts hd to sd!Next time ask for the hdtv depatment and they can get one out to you.Its still only a small dept but they do have voicemail and will call you back!
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