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Coming in for the Party after long absence. Little time to catch up, e.g., any new firmware. Two observations: 1) 09 dropped off the Home Theater list I guess after August. Elite 57 added in mid-range this past issue. 2) Auro-3D 11.1 audio format. Let's get an "11" flagship.
Sorry guys, been away. I have bemoaned the lack of blue tooth on our baby but now available on mid level newer pio receivers. Pull out your iPhone and just play on the big system. Well, here's a work around that is easy and short money (a little more than the bluetooth adapter cost). Apple TV new version. Aside from it's many virtues, for $99 it is worth the money as a device to AirPlay from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Very cool (and easy). Hope everyone is having...
Merry Christmas all. Almost had an A100 under the tree but cancelled. Happy Sus new year.
Anyone use or get support for the apps?
Any more reviews/comparos?
I very much admire the work and volume proposition of iRule, but I noticed the iMasterControl app on the app store with dedicated AMX/Creston and GC apps with separate iPhone and iPad apps for each ($59.95 for each version). I was wondering if anyone uses these apps, and maybe bought at a lower price as they are escalating to $99 over time. Despite paying a lot for URC 850s and 900s and Prontos before that, I'm just having a hard time justifying 120-200 for a mixed...
Breakup and audiosync issues with IM2 blu-ray at critical Monte Carlo scene. Time Bandits blu-ray wouldn't play at all.
Steve,You dog. I'm going to CES so I'll report in then. Very interested in Pio flagship news and Anthem new pre-pros vs AVRs. As a more botique brand, I'm sure something has to give because of lack of economies of scale. 80.2 and Denon or anything that really does 9.2+ regardless of amps would be great. Thx!
Sometimes I'm happy to be behind. Typically I upgrade right away but didn't get around to the family room ( low end) player. Sometimes laziness pays off. Waiting for a post 2.1 update.
My understanding is the update is not a slow roll. It was killed because the blu-Ray disabling issues. Hang for the next update.
New Posts  All Forums: