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I cannot take credit for the device and feedback settings.The settings and feedback files were given to me by John, aka jjwinterberg, the beginning of this year.He was very helpful not only with the software side of iRule, but also got me straightened out on the RS232 connection to IP control.Jeff
THETA DIGITAL ANNOUNCES CASABLANCA IV PREAMP/PROCESSOR WITH DIRAC LIVE® 96K DIGITAL ROOM CORRECTION AND JITTER JAIL™ II. ANNOUNCES UPGRADE PROGRAMS FOR EARLIER CASABLANCA PREAMPS Montebello, CA , September 26, 2013 - The most widely acclaimed manufacturer of high-end audio components, Theta Digital, today introduced the latest version of its flagship Music and Cinema Controller: the Casablanca IV. Since its introduction, the Casablanca platform has undergone continuous...
Taz,I had a similar situation. 2 extemes but 414. I talked to John @ Theta and he said to go with 430. Works fine.Jeff
Schmidrj, Do you have the Oppo set to quick start in the device setup menu? My 103 works fine with Roomie manually set for IP and using port 19,999. Go to device setup==>standby mode==>quick start. Jeff
Steve, So sorry for your loss. Jeff
Dave, Which eye had the change? Is it your dominant eye? Nearsighted or farsighted? What shape are your glasses in? In general, I would tell a patient that it's not enough of a change to warrant changing glasses. Jeff
Just saw this on FB.
Edorr--There's a six channel listed on Audiogon. Jeff
Oops...guess I never noticed. Thanks
Didn't see it mentioned....KASN is in Hd on Directv.
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