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My Sony Ultimate TV PVR has been having some problems lately. Recorded shows sometimes freeze momentarily, break up on screen with lots of weird distortion and noise, the sound sometimes drops out and in general it's just not working perfectly like it did before. Anyone have any ideas on how to restore this unit to it's previously perfect condition? I'm hoping there is a soft reset or some kind of maintenance that I can do to make it better.
You don't indicate budget (your "arm and leg" might be more or less costly than min!), but when you mentioned that you wanted "vocal presence", I immediately thought of ACI Emeralds. They are about the size you want, have incredible vocal presence and are overall great speakers. Their website is www.audioc.com. Since I got my Emeralds, it has been a revelation listening to my recordings. In some cases lyrics that were unintelligible are now clear and easily understood....
I had this problem with my SVS when I first got it. Turns out it was the sub bouncing around on my tile floor. I put a piece of carpet padding under it and all is well. If you're sub is on a hard floor, take a look at putting a rug or something under it. Might just be dancing!
HarryD, I think that I'm going to just mount the new dish after all. The way the equipment purchase worked out, the dish was basically free. If I have to get on the roof to put in new LNB's, I'm just going to put up the new Direct TV multi-satellite dish so that when the time comes, I won't have to dink around to get HD. Thanks for the information!
To clarify: What you are saying is that the dish and all the LNB gear will work, I just can't pick up 101 and 119 simultaneously? That doesn't seem like much of a problem as I don't have the need for Nasa, Spanish or HD at this time. When the time comes to add HD, couldn't I simply put up another dish to get that stuff, or add the Direct TV multi-satellite dish?
Currently I am the unhappy owner of a Dishplayer. As many have chronicled, the Dishplayer can have many, many problems, and lately mine has become unreliable. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Direct TV system. A friend has the Sony WAT-60 with Ultimate TV and it works pretty darned well. Since the subscription cost will be about the same, and it appears that his unit isn't buggy, I think I'm going to switch. Here's my question: can I use my existing Dishnetwork...
New Posts  All Forums: