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Ok, I'm sorry. What's the best place to purchase this tv from?
For those of you that have pre-ordered the Pro-151FD, can you advise where to buy this unit? e.g., Best Buy, etc. What is the price going for? About $6.5K? Thanks
This could be a stupid question, but I've been out of this loop for a while. Now I'm coming back because I'm in the process of upgrading my home theater. I've been reading about the Elite Kuro Pro for several months. But now I come into the AVS Forum and find that you guys are using the term "9G" for this set. Can anyone explain what the 9G means? I have visited the Pioneer website and have read numerous reviews about this set, but this is the first time I hear of the...
I leaning towards purchasing a URC 300, but I haven't seen any feedback about this unit on the AVS. Is there anyone out there that owns this remote and can give me some feedback about its programing capabilities, reliability, good thins, bad things. I'll appreciate any positive or negative feedback anyone could give me about the URC 300. I have read the remote central reviews, etc., but I want life feedback from owners. Thanks
Thanks you bfdtv for you detailed explanation. Really appreciated.
I'm close to making a final decision between the Harmony (various models) and the URC-300. I understand the logic behind programing the Harmony remotes, but even though I have read a lot about the MX and URC remotes, I don't quite understand how the programing works. Is there anyone out there that owns a URC-200 or URC-300 that could briefly explain to me how the programing works and how difficult is it to program one of these remotes? Thank you in advance for any light...
I wonder if there are any Harmony SST-659 owners out there that also have had experienced (or owned or consider purchasing) the MX-800. I'm between these two remotes, but would like some feedback from Harmony owners. I already have had feedback from MX-800 owners, but I don't know if they've had any experience with the SST-659. I would really appreciate any pros and cons that you could give me about the SST-659 vs. the MX-800, putting aside the price difference. I have...
Mr. Eismann needs some improvement in spelling. First, he needs to improve his English, and then he can worry about CRTs and DLPs.
Thank you for the good tips.
Thank you CobraKahn and MikeSRC for you input. I had been leaning heavily towards the MX-800, unitl the SST-659 came up. I've read good reviews on the SST-659 and the fact that they can be programmed online and that Harmony has an extensive database makes it really attractive. I have also heard problems with the backlighting on the SST-659. It has failed quite often and that batteries are drained pretty quickly. But overall, no one has complained about the actual...
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