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Sounds like you have the Orbiter in Mode 2. Change it to Mode 1 and it won't affect Dot By Dot.
Do you have the orbiter set to mode 2? That can cause the screen to shift and hide the edges.
I tried updating the firmware today and got the same result. I'm pretty sure this is the same USB stick I used for the previous firmware update, too.
Somewhat tangential to this thread, but does anyone know of any DVD or BluRay player that will upconvert film-based DVDs to 1080/24p (not 1080/60i/p)?
Just because it has been around for 10 years doesn't mean it doesn't need fixing. DVD is also limited to 480 lines of resolution, so would you say that doesn't need fixing either? Analog TV has been around for decades, so people must have been happy with it. Why do we need to transition to digital TV?
That's not what Wikipedia says (though it could be wrong):
Aren't DVD's already mastered in 24fps and 3:2 pulldown is performed in the player? We just haven't had TV's that are capable of rendering 24fps natively until recently.
Just measured my set and it's about 40 1/2" tall. The set does not get any shorter without the speakers.
I definitely don't see any flicker with 72Hz refresh on my Kuro. And after seeing 24p material in both 60Hz and 72Hz, I can say that I much prefer the latter. Motion seems to be much smoother, and I can only guess that this is due to the consistency of the frame rate. Each frame is displayed for the same amount of time, whereas with 60Hz, every other frame is on the screen for 50% longer than the previous frame. Of course, my wife can't see a difference, so it all...
How far away do you sit from the TV?
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