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Thanks for the responses. I will likely look for a high end receiver with thx cert thanks
I have hardwood floors and a sub. I don't really have room for a separate amp so I was thinking about a high end receiver that could do the 4 ohm speakers justice. Thanks for the responses.
My speakers are 4 ohm and a little underpowered I believe. I was hoping there was a receiver option that had a great amp in it on par with a separate amp. How do amps connect to receiver with rca's?
Hello, I am in the process of upgrading my home theater. I have purchased speakers and am currently running an older Yamaha 995 receiver. Local dealer has great buy on Lexicon amp but I dont have room for both amp and receiver in my current setup. Is there a receiver out there that has a great amp built in to give me similar dynamic power/sound?
Just bought 2 BG Z7 speakers and accompanying Z5 center and I love them. The have planar ribbin tweeters (that my ears love) with 2 5 1/4 woofers in a crossover design and are rated at 150 watts. I'm running a yamaha 995 in a large open high ceiling room. I realize that planars are position specific, but I can hardly tell that the mains are there unless I crank my receiveer way up. The louder I go, the better they sound and the are amazing for the price. To you...
I will check out focal. Have not heard much about these. Thanks!!
My Infinity Crescendo speakers bit the dust after more than a decade. They could probably be repaired, but not sure if it is worth it at this point. Does anyone have any ideas for a replacement. They were used as mains for 60 % music 40% HT. I love these for the mids and highs. I guess the EMIT-R tweeter were spacial in the day? Anyway, I have auditioned several of BB's offerings and frankly nothing sounds close. If I like the sound of these, does anyone have any...
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