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Has anyone noted that KRQE-DT, was off the air for a few days now I think is the WX related affting their TX power output? 2-26-134
Why is KCHF-DT, is getting sloppy with their Weather nation channel on RF ch. 10.2? The picture looks like I am watching Euro 576i, 25 FPS 50 Hz, they should be at full 720p with 60 FPs and not only that they have bad video freez up from time to time!! The signal leavel looks fine at 58 to 62$ here in Albuquerque using my small outdoor antenna. Other news K43HW-LD went off the air again and I have no idea how long it will last. Lastly any idea on what happen to...
Any news on when Cozi TV coming to Albuquerque? The station K43HW is still foot dranging wasting lot's of air time, by just showing promting KDAZ-AM 730 KHz "ReL" slate card. and not only that are soing the same thing on KYNM-LD RF ch.51! Not much else going on slow moving Albuquerque's TV market..... 73's and Happy New Year!!! 1-18-13
Minor update on K43HW-LD, they remove KDAZ-AM video slate card to a blank screen but the audio is still there though. Not much else going on. Stay warm!!
K43HW-LD is now on the air, but a wast of bandwith by just carring KDAZ-AM radio station "REG" with static video icon. Not only that they are realyng off KYNM-CA RF ch. 51 "Remapped to ch. 30.1" I called channel bandwith hogging!! RF ch. 43 is now running at 15 KW ERP off the Sandia Crest and the the new owner of this station is RJ Enterprise. In sum off all I just thinking they are just testing their signal..... Anyway have fun TV Dxing!!
Sadly to say as least, our local stations are foot dragging there feet by not adding new subchannels or even better HD channels. Same goes for few analog low power stations some are still on the air and some not on the air yet, the the RF channel are listed here..... CH. numbers are 25, 38, 43 46, 47, 48 that have yet to go digital anytime soon. What kind of now programings it will be is up in the air. Happy Holidays and happy New Year!!
Any news on TNN will be added to KYNM-LD RF, CH. 51 remapped to 30.1 and up?
Here's more new links about AMCE selling of KASY-DT and KWBQ-DT...... http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/news.html?d=10004562 9-18-12
More new informations on the what might be a soon be a new owner called Tamer Media, which might own KASY-DT and KWBQ-DT. Never heard a broadcast company name before, so I will have to my reserch on Google. Here's more new links...... http://mandasoft.com/1/32280/tamer_media_llc_will_purchase_albuquerquesanta_fe_stations_from_acme_communications_inc Things might get livley! 9-18-12
Well, I just found out that AMCE that own KASY-DT, may be sold and the call letter may change to KLLC-DT. But they may have to wait for the FCC aprovel at this time.: But here's the link from the FCC's database....... https://licensing.fcc.gov/cdbs/CDBS_Attachment/getattachment.jsp?appn=101515123&qnum=5110©num=1&exhcnum=1 9-18-12
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