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Very werd thing happens, I noted that analog channel 30 KYNM-LP was back on the air for 2 or 3 days now and guess what they are showing? They are rebroadcasting KNMD-DT's signal and the 16:9 was pillerbox! I wonder what the heck is going on anyideas? Stranger thing happen in Albuquerque's TV market. 5-25-12
Yes, it was PSIP showing up on my HDTV Sony on the program shows information. Anyways, they are still testing as I am typing it out..... 5-12-12
More update news on KYNM-LD... I just noted that they are testing 2 new subchannels, RF ch. 51.5 "The Nashville Network" and RF ch. 51.6 "The Weather Nation". Both channels have no picture and sound at this time. At the sametime they are moving KDAZ-AM to rf ch. 51.8. There might more new news updates later on.... 5-12-12
I wonder why this thread has been slow for several months now??? Anyhoo, little news on KAZQ-DT and KTVS-LD due to tower tune up so that's why they are off the air for several weeks now. KTEL-LP ch. 47 is now CA, and the video is showing blank NTSC video carrer and I think they might be ready to flash cut to digital anytime soon. 5-6-12
New update news.... I found out that FCC's database has been updated on 2 local stations has filed for flash cut to digital. KTFA-LP ch. 48 will go to digital at 15 KW, ERP. https://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws...&fac_num=35085 K43HW-LP, will move to Sandia Crest and flash cut to digital also run at 15 KW ERP. https://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws...&fac_num=32280 So I think we may get bunch of new sub channels for everyones!! Any ideas what new sub...
I just found out KDAZ-AM 730 KHz, has came back on RF channel 51.5, while at the same time 4 videos channels remapped as ch 30.1 to 4. The station's call letter is KYNM-LD running at 15 KW ERP. 3-28-12
We really badly need a 24/7 local weather channel, here in Albuquerque!! One more room for both stations KASA-DT and KOAT-DT since they use 720P. Most other TV market are useing the same thing! Since New Mexico has lots of crazy weather here. Let's me know what you think of this idea? 2-28-12
Anything new in Albuquerque's TV market? I have been hanging out in Denver with friends and having a good time eating thanksgiving Seeing this threads has not been up to date lately on our local OTA Stations, so anything new? 11-28-11
So far KCHF-DT, still has not added any new subchannel yet on RF ch. 10.1 at this time. 9-11-11
KDAZ-AM is now on the air on remapped ch. 30.7, and not only that they are now testing 30.4 for soon to be Retro-TV! The real RF ch. 51.1, for you guys want to go none scan mode. 8-26-11
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