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Still no show for THIS-TV or NBC Plus..... KOB-DT still showing the our local weather channel at this time. Take a look at KOB-DT's ch. 4.2 schedule listing. http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s53524.shtml?cat=530 Not much else going on, so that's means back to TV DXing!! 1-4-11
Did you know that KOAT-DT is one of 4 Hearst stations do not carry AccuWeather sub channel instead, they decided to carrying the Spanish sub channel instead. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Loc...eather_Channel 12-19-10
Maybe the KOB-DT, will cram in 2 different ways. 1. KOB-DT main HD ch. 4.1 THISTV ch. 4.2 NBC Prime News ch 4.3 and the local Weather ch. 4.4 2. KOB-DT main HD ch. 4.1 THISTV ch. 4.2 and NBBC Prime News ch 4.3 no local weather. Maybe KOAT-DT, will create their local weather channel on ch. 7.3!! We will see what's happens next! 12-16-10
I was shooked to see on This TV's website, saying they are now on KOB-DT's sub channel 4.2 and bumping the weather channel to 4.3! I am not sure they are on the air right now but I will check it out.... Here's the link from This TV's web site..... http://newmexico.thistv.com/ 12-12-10
I think CoolTV's has much better picture quality, than the TBN's subchannel JCTV, IMHO and besides I don't care for any of TBN's programing which is mind numbing IMHO. Now back to TV DXing!! 11-5-10
KASA-DT is now carrying a new subchannel called COOLTV on ch. 2.2. COOLTV is a music video channel, just like the old The Tube!! Enjoy the new channel! 10-26-10
Breaking News, KENW-DT ch. 3.1 and .2 From Portales, NM is now on Directv here in Albuquerque's metro areas!! The station is owned by Eastern New Mexico UNV, they do have local grown local news from Eastern part of our state which is nice to have. 10-16-10
Little off topic, thought you mike like this shortwave video via DRM test..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGMiRRUgvcM Have fun watching it!! 10-14-10
DebbyS, KNMD-DT ch. 9.1 RF ch. 8, is transmitting from Sandia Crest and also running at 5.140 KW ERP. Make sure your antenna handle VHF and UHF freqs, band and aimed at the Sandia Creast mountain. Now for the for rest of you guys reading the post, there is one minor news...... KLUZ-DT has added a second digital sub channel, ch. 41.3 Home Shopping Channel. The analog low station KTFA-LP is still on the air on RF ch. 48. Still waiting for Cool-TV and RTV,...
Here's more informations, from the Broadcasting&Cable's website about Lin's broadcast rights to carry The CoolTV. Here's the link!! http://www.broadcastingcable.com/art...Get_CoolTV.php Man it's been too long, since The Tube TV went off the air on KASA-DT. 9-29-10
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