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My HostChan is blank, and HostSUFlag is 0xe6800000 -phil
HP, I haven't followed this thread very closely for quite a while so I'm not familiar with your situation. Can you please tell me a few things: How many DHGs do you have (and what size?) Are you getting TVGOS via OTA? Is your DHG connected to an antenna or Cable? If you'd like to tell me which part of town you live in (or send me a PM) perhaps we can setup a time and place to meet and I'll loan you one of my DHGs to test at your house (and maybe I'll try yours at mine) to...
You are correct. My DHGs both had grids but no listings. As of Wednesday the listings are back. -phil
I haven't had any problems with my DHG's as long as I've had them. Unfortunately I can't say the same thing about my CBS station. -phil
I can confirm this!!! As of 4 am tomorrow my HDD250 has listings (haven't check 500 yet) - mostly complete several days out. -phil
KHOU checked their Sony TVGOS capable set today and NO GUIDE. Now they're motivated to find a solution. Since that discovery this morning the KHOU engineer has been talking to the Rovi engineer. KHOU is going through some major network changes in the station so that is probably the root of these guide blackouts. Rovi was able to contact their server at KHOU via the internet and downloaded a guide update but KHOU said they haven't seen the update on their test TV yet....
I'll give my engineering contact at KHOU a call tomorrow to see if their test set has data. I hope the answer is "no" because that means this potentially affects everyone with TVGOS in Houston and not just the DHG lunatic fringe. That will have to put pressure on them to fix it. -phil
HP, I've sent an email to Rovi, will see if anything comes of it. Do you think that guide data from an ATSC convertor (I have two DtvPals) will work? If that has to be the final solution I may pick up some Artecs as they seem to be easier to use for TVGOS data. -phil
I called KHOU engineering and spoke to an Engineer who's helped me in the past when the digital transition was going on. He said that they're pretty much blind since they don't know anyhing about how Rovi works - they can just look at their wone TVGuide enabled set and see a guide. This sounds like what you have been told in the past. The Rovi support line is never answered but I've left a call back number - we'll see if they actually call me back or not. Do you have...
HP, My two DHGs (one 250, one 500) both have complete schedules up to 4 am Wednesday. After that both have no guide information. Looks like there's a problem with the transmission in Houston. -phil
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