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As much as I prefer movies at home for reasons others stated above, I do also agree about the social aspect. The upcoming release of Godzilla brought a group of friends and I back to the time we saw the Matthew Broderick Godzilla (yeah, I know..but Jean Reno was great), and I grabbed my buddies jumpy wife by the leg at crucial (and not so crucial but she screamed anyways!) times. Good times, we made memories.Our Cineplexes in Canada have VIP 18+ premium screenings which...
So were the two TVs on the left 3-D?
What I can never figure out are higher-end companies selling iPod docks, who wants to listen to MP3 at home? I rip my legal music to flac for home, MP3 for my phone.
I remember seeing Top Gun in the theatre. The big feature at that time was it was filmed in 70mm, which is probably why it stands up so well for it's age. It also turned out to be a great date movie!
I like Krall, but my test disc is still Dark Side of the Moon.
27 with a 5 yr old cheap Hanns-G LCD monitor. I used to do color matching for a living, so I think that helped.
I wouldn't include them anyways, as they're not a complete solution.
How many activities does this remote support? Been searching this thread for about 30 min. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bent I have two MX-500's (one is a year old, the light still works, one is 5 years old - my little girl "rolled" over the older one with her little tykes rockin' cow and now the backlight doesn't work, this one month after sending it back to URC for firmware upgrades). A backlight light repair will prolly cost you a total of 40 bucks CDN including shipping and taxes - ask URC for a RMA number to avoid duties on the repair...
For a nice dark cherry color, try No. 257 "cabernet" here: http://www.rustoleum.com/product.asp...t_id=393&SBL=1 I've used it, and think it will be the darkest (richest) you can go without spraying a toner (job for pros or SEASONED DIY'ers)
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