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I bought that drive about a year ago. The Blu Ray head worked for about a day and a half, then died. Still works for DVD's, but not for the purposes I purchased it. Just bought a new LG drive to replace this with.
Check out MonoPrice.com, they have their own version of the LG glasses, for a much more reasonable price, IMHO. I've purchased tons of stuff from them over the years, and never a problem, always high quality products.
Just guessing, but you might want to check out the display preferences on your Mac Mini and make sure the right output is configured for the right monitor. I have issues like that frequently when setting up my Macbook Pro to do a presentation.
Lots of people use that setup, me included. For my own material that I've ripped, the resolution is very good, and no stuttering to speak of. Web content varies from below average to very decent in resolution, depending on the provider. Likewise for podcasts.
The manner in which Boxee scrapes audio, in particular, was extremely frustrating for me. It constantly gave wrong information on various audio tracks, and there was no way to change it. Also, I wasn't necessarily a big fan of the social integration of Boxee. If there was a way to turn that off, it might be better. Also, no way to change the skin, you are stuck with what they give you. With the addition of the app store in Plex, it's just about perfect. There are...
Ferguson announced on the show tonight that they are going HD on August 31. In his own brand of humor, of course.
Depending on the terrain around his house, you might need to get an outdoor antenna. Citrus Heights has some small hills (at least in the area where I grew up), that can do enough of a job blocking your LOS. With the right height outdoor antenna from there, however, you should get all of the Sacramento stations with no amp necessary.
These are the signal strength percentages from my Panasonic Plasma tuner, no spectrum analyzer here. All channels are coming in great, no stuttering, no pixelation, no issues related to reception whatsoever: 3 (DTV 35) - 98% 6 (DTV 9) - 100% 10 (DTV 10) - 98% 13 (DTV 25) - 98% 29 (DTV 48) - 98% 31 (DTV 21) - 66% 40(DTV 40) - 98% 58 (DTV 46) - 98 Not sure why KMAX is such a low number, but my Tivo shows much higher. Still, no dropouts at all on it, before or after the...
I got a CM4228 about 5 years ago, and had an installer do the installation. Total cost out of pocket was 300-400 dollars, and I get a great signal on all local channels from Fair Oaks (Madison and Hazel area). I've never been happier with OTA television as I am since putting that antenna up.
Fox40 switched over about 9:10 or so to 40-1 for good. Signal strength for me here in Rancho Cordova, on a (cough) indoor antenna didn't improve at all with the new channel assignment. I'm not sure if they increased any power by switching over, but if so, I don't see it here.
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