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Just had a chance to watch my Netflix rental of this film. I've seen before and enjoy the movie a lot. However, this Blu Ray title leaves much to be desired. The picture isn't soft and seems a bit unfocused or jaggy I guess. I first noticed it on the text in the opening frames, and it continued throughout the movie. I understand and appreciate the differences between film grain and whatever this was, but it certainly isn't a shining example of Blu Ray. I think I'm...
Up here in Fair Oaks, I receive KXTV analog pretty well with my 4228, and don't really expect any issues after the conversion. KVIE is going to Channel 9, which I believe is in the same band as 10, so I think it should be OK. If not, I guess I'll be getting a new antenna on February 19.
Nope. Their boxes only. Their box isn't bad too bad overall, and the ability to record up to 4 channels at once in SD is a nice bonus. It's definitely not my Tivo, however.
Hopefully they will accelerate the joining of these two systems sooner than later. I took a look at the demo video of Centerstage, and while I really like that they have (or will have) iTunes and iPhoto integration, I don't much care for the main interface. The icons don't look as snappy as I'd like them. This whole media center thing is so frustrating. Why can't there just be a front end that lets you subscribe to and view/listen to podcasts, use your iPhoto and...
So, it looks like I'll be moving in the next few months to the southern end of Rancho Cordova. At least until all the other new houses get built, I should have a pretty direct LOS to Walnut Grove, so I'm thinking I should get pretty good OTA reception. In a brand new house, the wife isn't exactly going to be happy if I tell her I'm putting another 30 foot mast on top of the roof, so I'm going to have to make it as unobtrusive as possible. We've been OTA only for the...
How does that Blu Ray player work out on the back patio?
As of now, Surewest fiber services are available in a portion of Sacramento County, but not most of the County. I don't know that they have any more plans for expanding their services for quite some time. They are within 2-3 miles of me in two directions, and say that they have no timeline for expanding services my way. If Verizon actually had any footprint in Northern California to start with, I might tend to agree with you, but just purchasing Surewest wouldn't be a...
As Verizon doesn't do local phone service in the Sacramento area, I think it's safe to assume that it will be a very long time, if ever, that we see it. The closest thing we have a chance of getting to Fios is the digital offering from AT&T. As they have chosen a much cheaper route to get TV and digital internet service to us, we'll never see the quality of Fios here in Sacramento, I'm afraid.
Most likely from KNTV, NBC11 in SF. They have the primary contract for Giants baseball this season.
So now that you have that part of it all sorted out, what do you think? I've added a few plugins, with limited success, in both audio and video. They still need something to help better catalog photos or somehow use the iPhoto library, and a lot of it will be ready for primetime. I'm hoping, also, that by forking off from the official XBMC, we will get more Mac-friendly features and it will become a true Mac media center.
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