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Hi John, Absolutely!!! Looking forward to it, did you say 5 units a week? If so does that mean about 2 weeks to get to me and a couple of days shipping? When/how do we pay, paypal? You are a star! Steve
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnHWman SteveB, I confirm you that I've just got the ICs for building the next batch of 17x BG-DVI. So, you must have it since you've been recorded in this second list for weeks now ;) ... I'm just finishing building and testing #12/14/15/16/17 modules now. Planning to be shipped in this week. Sorry to be late in delivering these :o ... No news from CRTMaster for 4 weeks now about his two BG1209s modules. They are...
Pedro, My Sky HD box arrives on Tuesday so I will be using the transcoder only until I get my hands on Johns box of tricks. I was under the impression that at release Sky were not using HDCP encryption and this will be enabled in the future and then make HD across component a no-go. I was hoping that it would buy me a few months at least, if not and I cant get one of Johns mods then it looks like I'll have to go down the Greg Eisemann route although this is 3 x price...
Pedro, I haven't got John's mod yet, I'm waiting for the next batch, hopefully! I've got Pter's Component to RGBHV transcoder for the interim for displaying Sky HD via the Component out, maybe an option for 1st generation Sky HD boxes? steve
Thanks Mike, that sounds straightforward enough! Steve
I've had my 808 for a few years now and am happy reconverging when the settings have drifted, I will shortly be adding a new source to my setup, a Satellite HD box. what do I need to do to set up display of a 1080i image? I normally have my HTPC connected to port 4/5 and display 1280x720 @ 50/59.94/75hz, I will be changing the connection from my MP1 modded 9500Pro to component and VGA into Petr's transcoder and then via RGBHV again into port 4/5. I'm assuming that...
John, Please let us know when you can do additional units :o Desperate from UK ! Steve
There are two companies in the UK that can and will ship to mainland Europe B4 Projection and CRT Projectors both have a reasonable choice and are ok priced. Steve
John, Are you planning on building another batch for the Barco 808? If yes please put me down for one for my BG808s, do you want PM for details? Steve
Jim, Did you have any problems changing? What was the diff in quality from the MP-1 to the 6600? Are you using TT2 with the NVidia decoders or ZP? Steve
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