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Hellboy 1 is not even close to Hellboy 2 for bass overall. H1 is decent at times, but if you watch HB2 right after, it will put things into perspective.
I take it from your last sentence that you did notice the banding with CMD SOWK?
Joseph/Blee.....great points and well said. If including 3d in the JVCs improves 2d, then glad they keep putting it in. Who knows, maybe one of these years JVCs 3d will be good enough for ME to enjoy!
Wasn't trying to drop any bait Schwa and obviously 3d will continue to be a part of the JVCs. That comment was just my selfish wish. I know a lot of people enjoy the 3d which is great, I just don't have use for it and would honestly love to see them focus on 2d at this point since that is their strong suit. Like I said, I know my opinion would not be a popular one.
The problem with user reviews and 3d is that what makes "good"3d is highly subjective. What some call natural, others would label conservative. Some like pop out, others don't. I am more a bass head than anything and the objective measurments from databass I find more useful overall vs subjective comments. Would be nice if 3d could be measured in a similar objective manner to take the wide subjective variable out of the equation. All this is once again why renting for me...
This won't be a popular opinion, but here it goes. I wish JVC would drop 3d completely and just focus on 2d. They will never catch up with DLP most likely for flicker/ghosting and who buys a JVC for 3d anyway? If your buying a JVC, your main goal is awesome 2d with 3d as more of an afterthought, or not at all as is the case with me and others who prefer a second DLP projector for that purpose (or don't have interest in 3d). I would like to see JVC focus on what they do...
Exactly! I was surprised by how strong both depth and pop were. Hope to see this released at some point.
I love 3d and 2d and sometimes I feel like one over the other. Not sure what the issue is....if you don't like 3d, just watch the 2d version which you have the option to do with every blu ray release. My biggest complaint is Beowulf has not seen a 3d blu ray release. If the streaming Netflix version is any indication, this title has very strong depth and pop and deserves a blu release! Great audio IMO as well. Anyone heard of a plan to release this?
The only thing I have found that works 100% of the time for me is watching and judging for myself. This is why my blind buys have gone down over the years and my renting has gone up. With the premium charged for 3d blus', I love being able to rent first for most and if I come across something I want to own, I can buy when the price is right.
Reviews are as subjective as the day is long. If my purchases were based on reviews alone, I would have kicked myself many times over the years.
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