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I still think that somewhere down the line ,Mike is going to have a much bigger role in the whole picture. Brody knows all there is to know about his wife and family being tied to Mike for 8 years. Think this just goes away ? I keep telling my wife since the first season that Mike is going to croak Brody eventually. Lots of anger and blood to be spilled next year as this wraps up. Brody cannot not pay for his murders committed. Carrie is probably out the door as well since...
I haven't found any under $50 deals but I did find a Magnavox at Walmart with built in wifi for $58.00 yesterday. Bought one for the upstairs bedroom.
I have really enjoyed my Epson 6100 purchase from BB. The price was $1400 when this model was just closing out since the 8100's had been announced.The free 36 month payment plan has been great. I've had no problem at all with this projector and it's our main TV at home.Purchased in June of 09.
Received my Avatar yesterday and expecting the worst,I loaded it in my 2510. After about 2-3 minutes it loaded and played perfectly through out. Shocked the hell out of me that it worked.My firmware is the July 09 update they did last year. Now that I really think about it,I don't remember ever having a problem with this unit other than getting it to load the new firmware which might have been my fault anyway. I came within an inch of buying a new player just so I...
Does this play on a Memorex 2510? No place to go for any updates that I know of.
Just left the WalMart corp. store in Bentonville. New 4 way display is out on floor with 2 sides @ $10.00 and 2 sides @ $15.00. In line Blu's are still lower than srp mostly with, Avatar @ 19.97 on the end cap. Yes I am a Walmart and Sam's vendor who spends a LOT of time in the Bentonville/Rogers area checking out their promotions since some don't get a full rollout. The Blu 4 way is going to roll out nationally it appears.
I called to renew today and got the 5 for 20 deal by saying I was going to cancel. The 77 for a year was offerd as well but I'll just renew in Sept.
Walmart had a load of Double Feature Blues for 19.95 today.Lots of titles ,estimate 25 maybe. Also had a four way corrugate with 13-15 each single features. I bought the collector's Close Encounters for 15 even. Lots and lots of titles at I thought were pretty good prices. I'm going back tomorrow to get the spec edition Casino Royale for 14.
I still use mine as my main player in our projector,Epson 6100,room. Has always worked flawlessly once the available firmware updates were done.
Don't forget his famous joke he told on air about taking his girlfriend to the baseball game where he kissed her between the strikes and she kissed him between the balls! All hell broke loose from that one.
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