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Passwords have to be minimum 6 characters, so if the new password is less, you could also see the error.   They're going to make the error message more detailed.
The folks at Huddler say the only way to get that message is to either enter the wrong current password or mismatch the pair of new fields.   They invite anyone successful in reproducing this issue to please provide specific steps.
I'll see if they can have a look at it.
 If someone can get a screenshot of the error, I'll send it to Huddler. Thanks!
FYI...I'm told the adjustment just went live so many of you should see an increase from where you were this morning, but not necessarily as high as it ever was due to the bug that caused all of this to begin with.
Hmm, it's supposed to default to whatever you used last. Mine seems to default to recency no mater what.
I haven't seen any similar reports outside of email issues, but if you PM me your desired password, I can change it for you.   Thanks
Guys,   Please stick to the topic and take any off topic conversations to PM.   Thanks
 You bet!
That's what Huddler is working on...it seems to only happen w/ IE.
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