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 Let me know if you see it after another 24 hours.
Your provider started bouncing them back again.
Thanks, request submitted.
I'll let them know to find that ad . If someone can grab a screenshot and ad URL, that will speed up the removal.
Both of you...knock it off.
Yeah, it's not designed for this platform and tends to work intermittently at best. There are several threads about it here.
By the way, when you leave out important details in your original post, we're left to guess as to what might be causing your problem.   Please always be painfully detailed in your original submission when submitting an issue.
 I'm on Windows 8 & Firefox. I'll let the programmers know there's another IE issue.
It's all functioning normally for me...why are you "right clicking" on the link?   Just highlight the link, click on the link icon & edit as needed.
Test link to Google:   Google   Edit - Changing link to Bing   Edit 2 - Changing again to Yahoo
New Posts  All Forums: