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Test link to Google:   Google   Edit - Changing link to Bing   Edit 2 - Changing again to Yahoo
Glad you got it figured out.
It submitted just fine.
Test reply using IE 11 & WIN 8.1...
 It's not...and it was only turned on less than two years ago and rarely used at all until Huddler promoted it last Summer. From 1999-2012 we didn't use it at all. A high post count could have no relationship whatsoever to a rep count.
Nothing odd about that at all. The rep system has only been turned on here for a matter of months, not years.   Guys, give them time to fix it. Let's get back to discussing electronics until we've had a chance to look at their fix in the coming days/weeks.
Besides the Stylish option mentioned above, I may have another trick up my sleeve. More info in the coming weeks.
I take partial responsibility here. When the glitch was discovered requiring a recalculation, the original option was to recalculate points moving forward only which would have meant an uneven playing field between members based on their registration date.   I opted for the recalc going back to the beginning so that it was balanced for all members. After all, what's the point of a reputation system that automatically favored a certain group?   I still think we're doing...
 See post 36...just a guess, but I think when they recalculated, they left off the 10 for already established members.
I've asked them to take another look at it, but it could be a while. Be careful not to give reputation points more power or importance than it deserves. Popularity and credibility are two entirely different things and reputation isn't used on AVS often enough to make it a statistically significant tool to determine any particular member's status.
New Posts  All Forums: