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 Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS X, & iOS.
I just tried the link in FF, Chrome, IE, & Safari...all 4 browsers opened the page without any issues.
I guess we're done here.   If you lack the ability to post respectfully at all times, don't post on AVS.
Let me know if you guys see this again.
Hi, I tried my subscription page and they all worked so I logged into your account and tried yours without any error screens. Is it happening with multiple browsers?
Owners threads and product threads here are intended to be about that product at any price...whether you preordered at a premium or waited a year for a closeout.   We created the segregated deals areas after more than a decade of an "MSRP Only" policy.   Those deals forums are where any discussions focused on pricing should go. We used to be very strict about MSRP only but have since provided an outlet where the topic of street prices can be addressed while maintaining...
AVS has never been about prices or bargain hunting, but MSRP prices are used for comparisons and segregation of product lineups.   We also added the various "deals" sub-forums not too long ago for those cases where street price discussion needs to happen.
Just keep the terms of your membership here in mind:   "If you see a problematic post, use the "Report Post" system as designed to alert staff members. Never quote or respond to problematic posts yourself as you then become part of the problem."
 Yeah, stay focused folks. If you're talking about a different product, please head over to that product's thread PM for other off topic discussions. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: