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Thanks for asking.   Yes, we created the This and That section for anything that doesn't fall into one of the other categories.
One possible reason is that when someone is suspended or banned, all of their given feedback is removed during the ban.
This is a thread full of embedded YouTube videos starting at post 21 that spans from before the conversion to after.   You can see that they don't have the broken code that your example above has. Some videos have since been taken down, but the post code is fine.   If you send other examples to the Contact Us link, the techs may be able to find a pattern as to why some are showing as broken code while others work as designed.   Thanks
Good luck everyone!
Also sent...
As always, when a problematic post(s) is reported and removed by staff, any posts that quoted or directly replied to it/them are also removed.   Now, back to your regularly scheduled TiVo discussion...
Thanks, I'll send this as well.
The only way to reorder them that I know of is to resubmit them in the desired order.
 That's the 1st thing they asked for.
Knock it off guys...
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