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As always, when a problematic post(s) is reported and removed by staff, any posts that quoted or directly replied to it/them are also removed.   Now, back to your regularly scheduled TiVo discussion...
Thanks, I'll send this as well.
The only way to reorder them that I know of is to resubmit them in the desired order.
 That's the 1st thing they asked for.
Knock it off guys...
 FYI...I just spent the last 15 minutes logged in as you bouncing around the site on my iPad and never saw it once.
Thanks, I'll submit it to our ad team who will investigate & try to reproduce it.
Hi,   Sorry...no idea what you're talking about.   I can't believe a noted tech forum user such as yourself wouldn't include more details for us to go by.   You're the first to mention it that I'm aware of. Details please...
OK guys...movies with bass...focus please.
Keep politics out of here guys...
New Posts  All Forums: