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My HDHOMERUN is working great!! No problems.. The device need to be connected to a DHCP Server, so it can get an IP address.. The router acts as a DHCP very easy!! Just install the software from the web site and scan your channels and vlc will open and show you HDTV!! I have Sage TV ver 6.1 on my HTPC and I watch TV on my big screen now!! I also have the SAGE TV Client and I use it on my office PC. Good luck, take your time, and keep adding to it in steps...
Dark Blue Microfiber
I like these storage cases http://www.macgurus.com/productpages/sata/satakits.php 3 drives in a Raid config sounds to expensive for me, I may just get one of these cases and one large at a time, removing my non-favorite media from the drive and burning it on to cd or dvd, but it would be nice to get two drives one used for backup!!
No not at a set pattern, more like whenever there is a white or lighter object on a dark background... Ill try to take a digital pic...
has anyone seen what im talking about ???
Does anyone have vertical white light shine on there projected image. Seems to be bad when white letters are displayed on black or dark scenes.. Anyway to fix this?? I have ran the Dilard calabration... Thanks Chuck
Can, I use dvdshrink to backup my dvds to Hard drive and play them with a program that will menuize them and play them? Is there one program that wil do this all??? What are my options???
Tape-it-all looks cool..I wonder what Motherboard and video card they use?
I live 1 mile from http://www.genesiscable.com/ and have ordered cable from them, very good qualiity RG6-Quad and speaker wire...... I called them and found a distributor who sells there products, paid them and picked up the cable from there wharhouse, which is a huge place!!
your not alone, I experienced the same over here with zp4rc2 and sonic dvd decoders...
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