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In Los Altos, I cannot copy HBO movies from my CableCARD equipped Tivo to my PC. That means that it is copy once on the wire. I haven't checked the other premiums. - Mike
What true recourse do you have if you send someone money with PayPal and they never deliver goods to you? My understanding is that you don't have the same rights and refund/chargeback power as you do with a direct credit card purchase. The real question for you is whether a given online seller is trustworthy or not. By trustworthy, I mean the probability that they will deliver the specified goods in the specified condition in a timely manner. I tend to be very...
IMHO, audio return channel is only useful for content tuned by the television, like a built-in ATSC/QAM tuner. Everything else should be plugged directly into your receiver, so ARC is not involved. What am I missing? You chose to connect things directly to the TV instead of the receiver? "Doctor, it hurts when I do this..." Doctor: "Don't do that..." Get it? - Mike
The problem you have is that the graphics subsystem is not scaling the picture to fill the defined resolution. I guarantee you that old game consoles would always scale the image to fill the NTSC output because doing it any other way would be nonsense. If you want to render these crazy resolutions to fill the screen you need some kind of framework to do that systematically. I don't know how to best approach that because I don't know what you have to work with. - Mike
I have a Crescendo Transcoder on my old HTPC and CRT HDTV. That transcoder does not touch the timings, so it does exactly what you're asking for. However, you need to be really careful about the sync frequencies. I don't think the TV's you talked about above will sync to what the computer is outputting. I think you're better off using a VGA to NTSC scan converter. That should accept almost anything on the VGA and output Composite Video that your TV will always accept....
Comcast California only uses Copy Flags on premium channels like HBO, etc. All the Digital Starter and most of the Digital Preferred channels are Copy Freely.
I would not put together a system with 500GB drives today. The main reason is that the power consumption, SATA port cost, physical drive space is too much. This is only 5TB of useful space. You can get that from 4 2TB drives in RAID5. Especially with RAID cards, more than 8 ports gets increasingly expensive. They practically don't exist without a RAID processor, as you have found. Why go to expensive multi-port cards when you can just use motherboard ports to handle...
If you take out the backplanes, is there room to directly cable the drives? That's the only way I can see to improve the reliability of your setup. Obviously, this shouldn't be happening and a backplane is not a complex device, but taking it out of the equation should improve things. - Mike
Wow, that is the most oddly logical Comcast channel configuration I've ever seen. I think a DTA will still pull KCSM 17 from 91-4 though. - Mike
It's interesting to me that they have a separate equipment line for "Limited Basic Only HD Digital Converter $2.50" and "Digital Additional Outlet Service with HD Converter $8.00". I wonder if the hardware is different for the Limited Basic Only one versus the standard HD converter they would give you that can provide all the services and includes the additional digital programming fee. In theory, they could use cheaper hardware because it doesn't have to do...
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