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What you described seems rather unusual. I know of people who were on the receiving end of letters from the FCC regarding TV interference complaints. The complainer wasn't licensed.
Yeah, of course hams would have some credibility (despite some of the uhhh more "hamsexy" folks within the ranks).I think it was either Riley or Laura Smith who said that the Amateur service provides the FCC a good amount of value or something of the sort so they are more than happy to help us.Agreed. My point was that I don't think the FCC will just blow off the average Joe because they don't have a license...
YOu're correct. 5200k is daylight (anyway the point was these bulbs are close to incandescents).
No these are the newer yellow philips ambientLED freakish looking remote phosphor ones (409904 a19 type). The light they give off looks exactly like an incandescent (5200k). This price is only in NJ though. I believe the state gives a clean energy rebate. Other states like MA may have them cheap.
Nope that's not the reason.They also deal with complaints of interference by illegal 11m sets or simply illegal sales such as truck stops selling them. If the complaint is serious enough or enough people complain they will act.
In NJ you can get LED bulbs (philips) for as low as $10. 60w equiv will run you $15. This is at the home improvement stores (the orange one). I have three of them, one on the back deck and two out on the front porch. I use mostly CFL in the house but I use LEDs outside where I can switch them on to almost full brightness from cold.
Never say never... I've seen the FCC act when ham radio operators make complaints against other entities, for example electric utilities. Often the utilities get enforcement letters and some are even fined for interference they cause.
Gone this morning.
This doesn't work on all tuners. My Apex DTV-250 would have ignored one of them.
They were testing something last week. I saw 2.2 CBSNY+ show up with no video. Trust me, it is coming.
New Posts  All Forums: