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Considering the fact that a lot of the channel's content can't be seen elsewhere, it's certainly a big loss for those who can't afford to get a higher level programming package, regardless of whether it's in HD or not.
I wouldn't count on that. There are no laws that say TCM has to show HD content. It's about the almighty dollar, and TCM seems to be unwilling to spend the money.
I'm not sure why you would think that the TCM broadcast, which is just an upconvert, would have the same detail as an actual HD broadcast.
I haven't heard that. We'll find out soon.
The Bills will be coming back to earth very shortly.
Gus Johnson is no longer an NFL announcer. He does college games.
That's interesting. Never heard of anyone that stopped watching a show because of a song. I stopped watching because the show is HORRIBLE.
And there's the problem, I'm at work most of those hours.
All I've ever seen, when tuning to this station, is infomercials, religious type programming, an occasional blank screen, or old movies with all-black casts. I guess I just don't tune in at the right time.
Either that or too cheap. I'm willing to bet the latter.
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