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Looks like TWC is boosting the download speed for the standard internet users for no additional charge. Is BHN going to follow suit ? http://bgr.com/2012/12/21/time-warner-cable-internet-speeds-increase-262587/
Your just a youngster..... Remember the days of the Local station mucking up the PSIP every now and then. Fox doing 480i widescreen and badly. Then there were our get togethers for tours of the stations or look at members new equipment... Don't usually look here anymore since I don't have cable, just happened to see your post on the main page...
Palm Bay wants to be Google fiber optic test site http://www.floridatoday.com/article/...341/1006/rss01
BHN/RR service is pretty bad. I had a problem 2 weeks ago, called BHN who transferred me to RR and they told me it was my network. Got a 800 # from RR and called them back later who then transferred me to another RR CSR who then transferred me back to BHN. The BHN tech did a strength test and told me the signal was margin. I pulled the splitter TWC put in (6 dB down on the RR side) when they did the install years ago and things are working again.You would think the 1st...
WESH-DT is in the same spot it was when it came on the air in 2001. Have you tried re-scanning. Sometimes they have issues with the PSIP.
WESH is working fine here. They are one of the strongest signals from Orlando.
Well that really sucks. Hope they caught who ever did that to you.
What high fee are you referring too?D* has $0 initial cost plus a reduced monthly fee for 1 year + free hbo & etc for 3 months.
I can say the HD for non locals is better than BHN. The locals are pretty close to BHN. Though I think the SA boxes hurt the HD quality. As far as I can tell D* will keep HDNet.The dish size won't get smaller. The D* dish has 5 LNBs.I refused to let them install the dish on the roof. Instead I got a TV mast, and a bag of concrete to hold the mast and keep it from turning. I fastened it to the side of the house. (Also but some 3" screws in the bottom mast to give the...
I though the scrolls were only for stuff so important that regular programing gets interrupted, like "see how to lose weight, details at 11" BTW the next time it see/hear a boil water alert with no details I'm complaining to the FCC . The station need to give immediate details for that sort of stuff.
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