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Now they need to work on getting the video/audio in sync. jim
The signal is worse here in Oxford. It was usually in the 80's and is now down in the 70's. jim
I have no problems receiving WRGT-DT (30) without PSIP. WKRC-DT must be doing something my Dish 6000 doesn't like. The power boost did nothing for WHIO-DT here. The reception is still bad. As I recall they transmit via a directional antenna. Must be pointing NE. jim
Is anyone successfully receiving WKRC-DT? I am getting a good signal, but it's not locking on to anything. Been like this for a couple days. jim
This happens on my Dish Model 6000. When switching to WKRC-DT the signal strength goes back and forth between 33 and 85 for a few seconds, then it retunes to a solid 80-85 for as long as I keep it tuned. It's almost as if the signal is "out-of-sync", the receiver eventually realizes it and resets itself. The receiver always locks on so I never bothered re-aiming since it would affect the reception of other stations. jim
Saturday 2pm, back up. jim
Quote: Originally posted by Paul210 WRGT-DT can stay off air as far as I'm concerned. You were right in the PM you sent me, Jeff. As long as they're off the air, I get flawless reception from WXIX-DT and WKRC-DT. Something with WRGT-DT was killing them both since they started having their "issues". Paul WRGT-DT is back up and I'm getting a solid signal in Oxford for the first time in months. jim
For me the WRGT-DT signal has degraded to a point where I can no longer get a lock. Been like that for a couple weeks. WDTN-DT has also seemed "low" for a couple months. These days I can get a picture, but inevitably there are breakups and it's not worth watching (and listening to DD5.1) when I can get WCPO-DT. Compare this to the Super Bowl when the WDTN-DT signal was flawless. jim
Quote: Originally posted by jparin Any one experience audio problems with 41-1 and CSI last night.?? I had fade in and out, the video was ok , but the audio was poor. I switch to different channels , and the audio was fine, but when switching back to 41-1 it continued to fade in and out. I thought maybe it was the Zenith 420, but the other channels were OK. Jon I got this with my Dish 600 too. Switched to 12-1 in Cincinnati where the audio was...
Quote: Originally posted by DrDon KadMan They're not "forcing" anything. 1080i is a 16X9 picture. NTSC is 4:3. It's like photocopying an index card. You either need to change the paper size or just deal with some space on either side. We've seen what happens when they zoom the picture and it's not pretty. If they stretch it, you have a stretched program you can't do anything with. The only other option is for them to switch the transcoder to 480p,...
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