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I love my PL200 speakers. The room they are in is large with high ceilings and they do well. They are much easier to drive than my PL300 speakers in the theater room.I am a bit disappointed with the PLC150. The PLC350 downstairs does much better.
I was just trying to answer the following post.I still love my 09FD and 105's too!
My McIntosh MCD500, MCD1100 and my Cary 306/200 CD players sound much better than my 95, 105, 105D, or BDP-09FD for two channel.
I just tried connecting my projector to my ethernet network. I tried to go to the assigned ethernet address with a browser, but nothing came up. Do I have a problem with my projector or does it not serve up a web page? I am running 1.005 firmware.
I love my PL200 and PL300 systems!
Me too!
What frame rate is send out?
Watched my first BluRay on the 105D!
What do you use now?
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