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Try Rihanna "Pour It Up" ...
I would like to put my PC Ultra below the projection screen. Anyone try the PC on its side? good results?
I love my PC13-Ultra..nobody can have it
I just purchased another PC13-Ultra..spectacular new amp. I had the older one with BASH amp before..this one is better ..like it has more control. I was planning on dual PB-2000 but decided one ultra now and another later. I'm keeping this sub..my days of subwoofer trials are over
Unfortunately I'm in Canada where Netflix does not have that service.
All the big rental stores have closed up shop (ie Blockbuster) now were stuck with crap audio 5.1 AAC when streaming a movie over my PS3. Well I guess my investment in expensive home theater gear is obsolete now that I can't rent a Bluray disc with Dolby True HD....you get my meaning?..I can't afford to buy a bluray every time I want to watch a move on my home theater.
...and two PCUltra will be easier to place in smaller room
Agreed ..for the same price as two PB2000 I can get PCUltra now ..maybe another later.
The room is smallish..19x14x7.5 100% HT use. Want to feel low bass freq. I think dual pb2000 now would lock me in. If I get single Ultra now and another later is logical, but who knows if can afford another when upgrade bug bites .
I cancelled my order for dual PB2000...still not sure . So? dual PB2000 or single PC-Ultra?? mmmm
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