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In Lansing we just got our first OTA DTV broadcast Saturday, Jan 27 at around 6 PM. So far everything has been upconverted (no HD broadcasts yet--Super Bowl will be the first). The picture on these upconverted signals looks much better on the SD setting on my Dish 6000 vs the HD setting. Is this what I should expect?? Just got my Dish system and OTA module Friday so I'm a real rookie.
The first local Lansing station is going to start it's HD broadcasting today or tomorrow. So I'm new at this--what does up converted signal mean?
Bob, Thanks for the quick response. How about adding the OTA cable input so only one line runs into the house? Or is it better to run a separate RG6 to the 6000 receiver? Thanks, Harold
Which switch is necessary for the 2 dish system with only one receiver in the house--does the model 21 handle it or is the model 64 required? thanks, Harold
Bob, how do you like the performance of the Dish 6000? I just ordered one after getting tired of waiting on Hughes and after reading all the negative feedback about Direct TV--so I cancelled my Hughes order and told the supplier to pass the reasons on to Hughes--poor delivery and DVI/HDCP. Perhaps DVI is an issue with Dish as well, I'm not sure--but way too much negative stuff going around about Hughes.
Please tell me best place to buy the model 6000. I have a Hughes on order, but I can't handle what Direct TV is doing (ref several posts on this great forum). Perhaps Dish will follow the same path--I don't know, but Dish is now my choice. Thanks for the help, Harold
As of this morning I was told the Hughes would ship late this week. From all the history on this forum, I will believe it when I see it. Sure was hoping for the Super Bowl. The first station in the Lansing Mi. area WLNS (CBS) is supposed to begin testing their hardware this week and be ready for the Super Bowl (pending some kind of FCC approval). They are fairly certain that there will not be a problem. There are going to use a temporary antenna until the perminent...
I called today and checked--the Hughes STB's have not been rec'd yet. Still no date known for sure.
I just ordered a CM 3021 from a company called Uncle Joe's 800-298-2617 ask for Bob. Price including shipping was $30.94. It will ship next next day, so I should have it Friday or Monday.
Does anyone know the latest on delivery of these units. I know it's been a moving target. Just wondered if anyone had any inside information. I have heard Jan. 18.
New Posts  All Forums: