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go out and get the new DVD titled pulse. This dvd, matched with a digital front projector and a good sound system is simply AV Nirvana. Dark side of the moon is played live in its entirety on disc 2. Sorry if this is a repost. I watched it again this eve, and thought I should post here for the rest of the PF lovers and projector users.
Here's one more with the audience (and the TV lights) http://images9.fotki.com/v164/photos...udience-vi.jpg
Ok, thanks, I've sent a delete request and will repost this when my site is fixed. Not sure what's up with it.
Fixed, I think.
I volunteered to do a presentation for a local community function on poverty which ran last night in a local auditorium. I took a picture of the screen it ran on. I thought you might enjoy this. I used my home theater projector to project the image. The pj was a Sanyo xu-30. The projection distance was about 50 feet and the image was running 4:3 from a svideo connection off a dvd player. The video source was a VCD from a presentation created from Ulead's DVD picture...
I don't have my PJ hooked up to a PC, so the remote freeze is the best I can do. Given our "source is regular cable" it is still a bit fuzzy, yet at least you really can "read the fine print." We are learning alot about the fine print in commercials. It's crazy how they market this stuff! My degree is in Advertising, but realistically, no human being can read the REAL story on these ads on a PJ at 120 inches across, let alone a 27inch tv or even a 700 inch across...
We are looking to get a new car. Don't have a TIVO, so.... I am using the freeze button when watching TV on the PJ, so I can "read the fine print" on those car commercials. There's always fine print...how much down you need etc., but no human can read all that junk that fast. When I see a car commercial, I push the "freeze" button on the PJ remote which keeps that frame on screen. Then, I call my wife in and we read the fine print.
I just posted this because I have spent a TON of money on bulbs. Thought the Sanyo Service "responses" might help some others. I still VERY much like my projector. I try and do what I can to keep the bulb "going." This tip helped me and was VERY worthwile in my case.
I've had issues with my bulb life and have had many communications with Sanyo Service about this. This is something they told me to do once, and since I just did it, thought I would post this tip. Granted you should you keep your filters clean. I check/clean mine every two weeks. I don't have a dirty house, but... Sanyo Service told me once to vaccuum the air intake outlets since dust/dirt will accummulate there and cause higher bulb temps which will reduce the...
I’ve had some trouble with my PJ and bulb time. Spent a lot of money ($1500) on premature bulb blow-outs, explosions etc. The last time I sent my unit in has equated to the best bulb time I’ve ever had. So, here is what I have learned, on my own and by Sanyo techs to get the best bulb time. Regardless of what the manual says, check your filter every two weeks. If it is dirty, clean it out. If you get way less time than you think you should get, have the company...
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