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what the connector is on the back.... http://www.mikeandsharonrhodes.com/front.JPG
One thing you might look for (my experience with an older Sanyo model) is really CRAPPY color when viewing broadcast channels. In fact, my manual mentions poor color as a prerequisite to a new bulb change. I have found this to be true over the course of about 6 bulb changes. (Yuck.) Crappy color in this case/my case/ applies to flesh tones gone totally south. I've gone through a number of bulbs and crappy/off/color is the first hint you have that your bulb is...
It is a Sanyo XU30 showing the weather channel on Comcast Digital Cable.
I thought it might be interesting. Maybe not.
Just for the heck of it. http://www.cardinalhealthsystem.org/1400.JPG
I use the FP for everything and it works ok for me. No tv in the room anymore. I DO have a patio window directly opposite the screen tho, so I have to shut the curtains a bit during the day.
You are incredibly lucky. I'd go play the lottery now too, while you are on the good side of the lucky spirits.
Guitarman. Wowza! So what do you do with all those now?
I wouldn't go so far as you are re: dishonor in the family. ha.
The Owners/Administrators of this site were featured in that "Audio Video Interiors Magazine" once a few years back.
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