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It depends. The assignments that won't change can be evaluated now. Those that will change will be low VHF, High VHF or UHF. If another channel is in the same VHF range or close to another UHF channel, those other channels can give a clue as to how well the new assignments are going to work as well as what measures may help them.
That is a code violation. A separate equipment ground needs to be bonded the the main house ground to provide effectively single point grounding. http://www.mikeholt.com/mojonewsarch...s~20020303.htmhttp://www.mikeholt.com/mojonewsarch...s~20020701.htmhttp://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Installation/Grounding.htmhttp://www.cinergy.com/surge/ttip08.htm
The guy is clueless. DirecTV has no system in place to specify the HD-DVR model and ownership goes for something like $750. Insist on getting the details in writing, signed and on letterhead paper.
Under Chicago, WLS- ABC 07 53 07 should read 07 52 07. 53 is WGBO which is correct in the listing.
There are some HR20-700s on shelves yet. My local Best Buy has some but the HR21s are taking over.
It is really on standby. Only the lights and outputs are turned off.
The remotes are identical. All the new receivers use the same codes, even the D10 in the kid's room.
The reason for solid copper is the five LNB dish. It takes more current to power that many LNBs. Their current requirement plus the added resistance of the steel can drop the voltage below the minimum to select the proper transponders. Adding a WB68 multiswitch and the B band converters suck even more power.
Resistance is about total length of run and quality of connections as well as steel v. copper. Powering the WB68 doesn't help. I've found some all copper at Lowe's but a small percentage of it. Take a magnet to check. The last coil I bought was labeled Magnavox and had a messenger wire.
You may see the capability to play programs from one DVR through the other in the future though. It's called multi room viewing. http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=115575
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