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Gotta agree with the Shakira comment - THAT was too funny. She doesn't come across as the stuck-up dive like Xtina. My wife mad a comment about the clothes - and if the blinds were all shot in 1 day. That would have been 1 really long day (considering the stuff that didn't make the cut to air), but - it sure looks like that's what they did.
I'm NOT missing Christina 1 bit. Usher has been a nice addition.
Got my 51E550 today - First impressions: Buzzing - yes - if I stand by the set - from our normal viewing distance - no. Glare - yup - looks like a mirror when it's off. Very tolerable in normad day light - in bright scenes. Somewhat more noticeable in dark scenes. Solution for that - close the blinds. Firmware update went through fairly painlessly. No cable until probably this weekend (I'm too lazy to mess around with the existing boxes in the house - will not be able...
I would like to go with the 55GT50 BUT: 1 50" is plenty big for our viewing area (never thought *I* would say that LOL 2) Price is a factor - so even the 50GT50 is more expensive 3) a major Big Box has the Sammys at half a Benjamin less than yesterday - since they change pricing on Sunday - I was almost hoping that they would raise the price. Looks like we'll be starting out with the 51E550 - hope it works out.
What did you decide on?
Thank you!!!!!
More details - please - I'm a TIVo Virgin!!! LOL I thought that the TIVo wouldn't get VOD?
Not sure where it's shipping from - should be about a week. I'm HOPING it comes on Friday!!
I'm giving it serious consideration. Need to sell the wife (on the idea lol)
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