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Hi Chad - It actually depends on where exactly you are moving to. FSC HD is available on some COMCAST systems.
Looks like wife will spring for the 5's - I need to clean up the desktop!
My Vote is for Quinn Liddy: "Hi, My name is is Liddy, give me $500". Quinn "I JUST gave you $500". Liddy "But, that was 2 minutes ago, we were outside, now, we're inside" Quinn " I wish Dexter were here!"
Come on Dad - you're the creative one here - write the pilot. Could you imagine the 3 of them working together? That would be a hoot!
+1 to the comment about thinking and brains. Most shows I enjoy (NCIS, NCIS LA, Hawaii Five-O) I can pretty much know what's going on with the TV on in the background. Rubicon actually required WATCHING - and required thinking!
Quote: Originally Posted by the rick are you really going to take them around? a5's IMO I really hadn't thought about it - until I read on of the reviews, so - probably not. Now - the main issue is going to be space - the speakers I have (I think) are like 4"x4"x? - these - at 7" will be a push. I guess - if I want the sound - then - I'll have to figure that out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Emaych No argument here, which is not to say I would agree about this being the best season, but you just can't argue with someone's personal appreciation. Even as I might fault this season, no doubt I have enjoyed watching it. Ideally I would hope the ratings only increase -- got to think that that would provide the best case scenario for allowing all the creative parties involved here, the liberty of crafting the kind of...
Quote: Originally Posted by mgkdragn + 1 .. I'm in for entertainment, not a thesis paper +1 for - if you don't like it - ignore it - or skip it!
You're killing me. Lol. I guess I have to decide if I want the A5's bass, or the A2's portibility (a nice plus I really hadn't even considered until I read that 1 really detailed review.
Thanks guys - need to do more research into the a5's - was actually thinking about the 2's.
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