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Guys, Here's a spoiler - Next Episode when Jack gets ticked with Cholie - his new tagline will be "WHATEVER Cholie". LOL
Pre Post Mortum. Like LL3HD said - "sparkling dialog". It's a show that requires a bit to get used to - and following - and THINKING. Maybe that was the problem. I'll have an extra hour starting next week (actually, about 47 minutes), but I would have rather spent it watching LOM. It's nice having a show that has some mind stimulating abilities. Come On ABC - get with the stimulus program - give LOM Life. I'm not a network person, but I wonder how much the 2nd episode...
The FBI - Inspector Lewis Erskine - I didn't realize he was still alive. .
If I were taking bets - I bet Taub's wife kills him in a jealous rage.
http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watc...th_coming.html Here's the article - have at it
OK - I'll set up the new thread
Guys - Hold off on posting - I sent Fred a PM seeing if we could start a spoiler thread.
Boy - I wonder how many "fans" left the show for dead after last season. . .
Hey All - Saw something on Comcast dot Net entertainment section over the weekend - if I actually had a brain (maybe a case for the good dr House - I would have posted the link then. So, I go back - can't find it. Here's what I remember Spoiler   [[SPOILER]] If I could have found the link - I would have posted it, or the rest of the details. Sorry!
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