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Obviously - since it hasn't been written - it's hard to predice (expecially with this show). My guess is that there is too much invested in Ritas' family storyline not to keep it in. I think it would be easier to get rid of Lila.
Ummmm - the writers are probably fans of "24". . LOL
Does anyone remember another Medical Show (I THINK it was Chicago Hope) had a case almost exactly the same as Wilson's case last night?
Check out the blog in dad's post - they REALLY analyze it.
I don't think that Dexter will kill Doakes - he would have more fun playing with him - like a cat swatting a mouse around. THAT would give Dexter real pleasuer. He dosn't have feelings - but that would just be too pleasurable to pass up. Also - remember - they seemed to be reinforcing Harry's #1 rule - DON'T GET CAUGHT. So - IF it comes down to getting caught - or killing Doakes (I don't think it will) he then would have to kill Doakes.
For those that are interested - if you go to http://dexterwiki.sho.com/page/Dexte...vs.+The+Series it lists differences between the book and the show. ENJOY!
And - Garcia may have met her soulmate. Any idea if we'll be seeing more of him, or was it a one-off?
WOW - our new discussion topic. LOL I don't watch any of the CSI's. However, considering the demographics - maybe placing the Dexter ad was intentional, and not just there.
Or - they could still (I think) follow what happens in Book 2. My impression is that there is stuff that has happened in the book that has not happened in the show, and could still go back to the books.
OK - IIRC - a number of years ago MS had something called "MS Bookshelf" (I'm not sure if it was "Bookshelf" specifically, or some other term that I would consider generic. A small (obviously) publisher put out a program called "Jewish Bookshelf", and MS went after them. I pretty sure that MS won - that may have been that the other company backed down rather than trying to fight.
New Posts  All Forums: