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Replace Foreman with the guy who got booted last night, or the dude who wasn't a doctor - thought they were both more interesting (and entertaining). Or, for sheer entertainment value - bring back "Dr Buffer".
Funny - I'm just reading the part where Deb is involved with Chutsky (Lundy?) and thinking the exact same thing . . . . . WOW
Security Position $200,000 Dexter-Hunter PRICELESS
It just keeps getting better. We need to hear the "final verdict" of tonight's episode from dad to get the discussion. First - I don't think that we're done with Lila. Second, I think Doakes goes after Dexter - but (obviously) can't nail him. I still think that Dexter is going to turn the tables on Doakes - althought I have nothing to base that on. ENJOY the ride.
There was also 1 Major difference in Season 1. When I started the 2nd book - was like - I don't remember that. Some pretty unbelievable stuff. Agreed - I don't think we'll see it on TV any time soon.
I finished the first book - and into the second. The 3rd on is "on deck". GREAT READ so far!
Guys, Earlier today - nbc.com had all new shows listed - well - it's updated now: Tuesday, November 13 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 3440 - JESSICA ALBA, D.L. HUGHLEY, COLD WAR KIDS Wednesday, November 14 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 3435 - TERRY BRADSHAW, VANESSA HUDGENS, MICHAEL BUBLE Thursday, November 15 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 3432 - BRAD GARRETT, ASHLEY FORCE, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Friday, November 16 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 3420 - SETH...
One more point - in defense of my "Doakes Dissertation" LOL he also has a checkered past. Dad - We usually watch Extreme makeover and SNF live. I "excuse myself" in the middle (usually at halftime) of SNF, and watch Dexter "live", then watch the end of the game. But then again - we're on the East coast.
OK - My $.02 - btw - as always - great insight dad - and yes - you probably shoud DVR the other stuff, and watch Dexter earlier. OK I think the Dexter storyline is all about control - who has it, and who doesn't. The only thing I agree with that wa truely sloppy was breaking into that house to have sex with Lila. Having said that - it looks like Lila has Dexter right where she wants him - she, at some point, made a comment about getting what she wants. She torched...
Any news of if Keifer is serving his time during the strike, rather than the end of December after filiming was supposed to fininH?
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