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EJ, How long have you had the set? What do you think about it? Any other problems or issues with it? TIA! David
H-E-L-P! I'm currently considering this set, as well as the Toshiba 50H82 or 65H82. Size is NOT an issue as we have a room that is 20'x20'. The JVC is the most "budget-friendly", and will allow a little more money for the audio side (and less guilt about spending). I guess that the questions are: 1) Is the 50H82 worth $200-300 more than this set? 2) Is it worth $1000 fot the 65" set? 3) How does the JVC look with 720P input? I know that the Toshibas...
Don, You are correct, you need the eliptical dish (triple-LNB, 18" x 24" DIRECTV Multi-Satellite dish) not the one that you get for free. David Quote: Originally posted by DonBerg Doesn't it take more than just changing the receiver to get the DirecTV HD channels? I thought they were on a different sattellite and required a 2nd dish aimed at a different angle or a bigger 18x24 dish to receive both of them? With a standard dish package you probably...
Adi, I haven't seen this set either, but, due to size would consider this, or, most likely, one of the larger Toshiba H82's. Are you saying to go with the 48" JVC over the 56" JVC? Also, (somewhat OT) is "gun size" relative? I saw a post regarding Philips having 9" guns, rather than the usual 7"ers. TIA! David
Question: What's the difference between the "H", and the "HX" series? THANKS! David
Hi Folks, I'm a newbie to the list, who still hasn't made "The Plunge", but likely will soon. The RCA 38" (F38310) set with DirecTV and OTA boxes is on Closeout at Best Buy for like $1999. Due to the simplicity issues which have been mentioned numerous times, this is the set I am favoring. Any pros/cons on the set would be appreciated. The "interesting thing" is that there are Direct View sets that I would rather have, but (unless I stich with Comcast), the cost...
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