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Never seen a Lumis doing that. ANSI is usually between 800:1 and 900:1 if you get a good unit with the new coated lens, otherwise less. on/off CR is under 10k:1 unless you're using the dynamic iris, which only then will go over 20k:1. And yes, it's over 1k lumens too.
What do you consider to be a bright image? The usual LCOS machines from Sony/JVC are not that bright either, certainly under 1000 lumens, much less with some hours on the lamps. But back to the question, LED DLPs can do that, Sim2 Mico line, Runco Q750 and so on. Mico 50 has a lower on/off CR than the Q750, but a higher ANSI CR. Mico is also brighter. Don't have the numbers for the new Mico line yet.
Don't worry, I'm aware of the german forum and the fanboy experts in them. Left the german "scene" years ago because there's lot of nonsense talk, claims and insults and that's not worth it. I still meet with some european friends every now and then though and we're usually having a great time. The 95 will get you between 400:1 and 450:1 ANSI CR and a solid on/off CR. If you prefer that over the JVC higher on/off CR and lower ANSI, you be the judge. I personally prefer...
What do you mean "near"? Sony always had a much better ANSI CR than JVC, so it isn't near the ANSI but much better.
? They did that ages ago, get a 621, hook it up to the 568 and you're all set.
Dan, I see the digital outputs made it to the RS20i. Do they work 1:1 when the input is via HDMI 24/96 or 24/192? Or is downsampling activated when HDMI is the source? Would be great if the digital output would at least do 24/96 as that would allow to feed the digital signal directly into the speakers.
Only 4k-lite as it seems. The Sony has a higher resolution. As far as HDMI goes, why not? They've used it at the demo and if their goal is to bring 4k to the home, I can't see why it would not happen via HDMI. I'm no fan of HDMI, but it's around now and it probably will be for a while.
I guess I should complain about any amount of CA and light scatter if glass in the form of lenses (!!!) is so linear. Sight, I'm giving up. Makes no sense to correct you on things if you don't know basic lens 101 and refuse to listen to those who have actually properly measured the projectors I mentioned regarding ANSI CR, some in lab conditions. Believe whatever you want, it doesn't make you right, but as long as it makes you happy, I guess that's what counts.
I suggest you try this yourself, under ideal conditions. then we'll talk again. If it were so simple that everything would be linear, we'd have less problems. To give a car analogy, if you have a old wrecked car (low ANSI CR) doing 20mph, it will still do 20mph if you put wheels made of wood on it. If you have a new car (high ANSI CR) doing 200mph and you put wheels of wood on it, the speed will significantly drop. Or to stay with projectors, if a certain amount of...
Why not compare the ANSI CR on a projector where the ANSI CR isn't so bad, that it makes me wanna run and scream? The ANSI CR in the Panasonics is a absolute joke, A lens or not. A projector with around 500:1 or more should be used to make a comparison. There's a drop, the cheaper the lens, the more of a drop. Does that drop bother you? You be the judge. There are people that are happy with ANSI CR that a LCD projector has. There are those happy with the better, but yet...
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