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I too have/had problems with a H55 based board going directly to a Denon 4810. However when using a DVDO Edge I have available between the PC and AVR the problem goes away... I have a HDMI Detective inbound to address a disconnect issue, but I will also test to see if it helps with the audio issue... -pd
3A825 is $20 off of $100+ No idea if it will come down between now and Sunday, my crystal ball is broken. -pd
Dell has it for 179, and Crutchfield with a coupon is down to 179 -pd
FWIW, I purchased from a non authorized dealer a few years ago and when I went to get some warranty work done on the unit they denied it and I had to jump through hoops and threaten to call the AG and complain about price fixing before they would agree to fix it. Not sure if it was really worth the savings, I did get it covered under warranty in the end, but it did cost me time and of course the annoyance factor of having to deal with it... Then again I have had to go...
Received mine today, seems to be new and not refurbished. Playing with it now with some SD material... Anyone happen to have the IR code for the picture button? Can't seem to find it on here or remotecentral such that I can program up a button on the pronto. -pd
If you are set on using the H3D card, pick up a Xcard and PDI cable bundle and see if you can find an older copy of tvedia/joveplayer to control it with a little more flexibility. -pd
For video based, and poorly flagged stuff it is great. That being said, how do you plan on feeding the signal to the card for processing? I mean if you are using a software based player you are at the mercy of the filters or video card. -pd
I still have my h3d2 in use. Xcard feeding via internal pdi cable for iso backups, and rp82 feeding it sdi for physical discs. That and an old DTivo2 on the svideo port. Still work pretty good for the most part. -pd
If they would switch to a all you can watch subscription I would be all over it. Till then I have Netflix, XBLM, and media purchases to hold me over. -pd
Both were pretty packed Monday afternoon. Albeit the BR camp did seem to have a bit more enthusiasm around them. When I asked one of the girls working the HD stage about new stuff for 2008 she was telling me about the PC drives that I already had looked at and nothing more about new players or future announcements. -pd
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