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I use MediaMonkey to stream Flac files to my 2313. I can control them with DeRemote on my iPhone so I'm not stuck by the TV when playing them.
Ok, I'm with you on that.
I'm all for using REW & whatever EQing to give the FR you desire, but this have nothing to do with the OPs issue. You can't get rid of a bad amp hum with any of your suggestions.
I read about some V3 amps if you can find one anymore but I don't recommend replacing the amp with one that isn't designed for this sub. Even the external Dayton SA1000 amp that comes with the Turbo kit has been modified for the MFW-15 box and new driver.My thoughts were if he is going to spend $800 or more to get a new sub that compares to the original MFW-15 then why not get the upgrade. Which is closer to the SubMerssive in performance than the stock MFW-15.
I think the odds are really good that the amp is causing the hum. With the MFW-15 it's a question of when not if the amp will fail. You could do the cap fix but it would just put off the inevitable. Best to sell or upgrade with the Turbo kit ( which is more like having two MFW-15s.) I did the cap fix on my v2 amp and it gave me a year more of greatness. But, even though the hum didn't come back it started producing some odd white noise. It would get pretty loud. I've had...
Have you considered doing the Turbo kit upgrade for your MFW-15? I did it and it sounds awesome.
I had the caps replaced on my V2 amp and the hum is gone. When they were replacing the caps they noticed the place for the 3rd cap which I guess is the .1uf cap you mentioned. My amp did not have one there...I don't know if it was ever there. Should I have them put one there? and where can I find one... I got the other caps from parts express.
This is all true. But, I've run through all my test scenes with heavy low end and I no longer have any issues with the sub distorting at my normal listening level. So, I've been pleased with the end result. I do realize I'm not seeing the whole picture with my REW graphs. But without too much trouble I was able to fix a real annoying issue with my particular setup. Thanks for the detailed input on the subject.
First off the price is back to $699 (and $130 shipping) so you can't get it for under 600. Might get b-stock for a little cheaper. There is plenty of reading material on the MFW-15 on this forum alone. I bought mine in May and love it, but only time will tell on the new amps. I also looked at SVS & Epik (looking at more $$ to get the same level of performance), but got the MFW-15 during the sale because I couldn't pass up the deal. Good luck with your future sub...
Why not run both?
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