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What is the trim on the bezel like? Shiny or dull silver, or clear? My wife hates the bezel on the ST60 at best buy with the shiny silver all the way around. I really can't tell from the pictures on this thread what the bezel on this costco model are like. Is it just on the top and bottom or all the way around the black part of the bezel? Thanks in advance for the info.
After the recent price drop on the Samsung 64 inch F8500, It's not quite double the price of the 60ST60 -- $2800 versus $1500 -- but it's close. Does anyone know if the prices on the Samsungs are likely to continue to drop?
I'm facing a similar choice -- is a 64 inch F8500 worth twice as much as a 60 inch ST60? (Thanks to the bigger bezel, I can't fit a 65 inch Panny in the space.) Tough call for those of us who have to watch our expenses.
I have the same question. I have significant space restraints and am looking at the Baby Boomer as an option. Any information would be much appreciated by me too.
Accidental duplicative post; sorry.
I bought three SM45s for the front and need two inwalls for the surrounds. My wife vetoed the bipole Def Tech inwalls because they actually stick out from the wall some, as I understand it. Any other suggestions for inwall bipoles that would mesh well with the SM45s?
Thanks. I've got extra wire so I'll hook things up with new wire and see what happens. I hope that's not it. Replacing the receiver will be easy. Running new in-wall wire in a room on which we just finished construction two weeks ago is going to be a huge pain. And, no, we haven't hung any pictures, nor could we hit the wires if we did. The wires were run under the floor. UPDATE: Thankfully, it's the receiver. I tested using new wires and an old pair of speakers I...
Quick question for anyone who isn't an amateur like me: I just bought a pair of Def Tech SM45s today and hooked them up in my new room. The wiring is brand new in wall from monoprice, maybe 14 gauge if I'm remembering correctly. The receiver is a ten year old Denon AVR-1802 (80 watts per channel). It hasn't been used in about 4 years, but it worked flawlessly in my bedroom before my wife changed the furniture and I had go to a different receiver with a slimmer profile....
I have a similar question, but in a differrent price category. With $500 to $650 or so to spend, would I be better off getting one highly recommended sub (like the SVS that is $500), or two less expensive subs like the Klipsch everyone seems fond of as a budget option, which would run about $300 each?The room is 14 wide, 20 long, and 14 high.
EDIT -- My wife just called me and caved on the front shelf unit. It will now be 18 inches deep, so the SVS sub will fit, as will other options that I can research by reading other threads. I'll have slack in the sub cord so I can move the sub to a better place temporarily, if necessary, for movie viewing or critical listening, then return it to the shelf so the room stays pretty for the wife. Thanks to all for your help
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