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Specifications at a glance: • Blu-ray 1080p-compatible 4K • reader 2D/3D Blu-ray, DVD, CD • 4K Upscaling 2160/24p and 2160/60p • Two HDMI 2.0 CEC compatible 3D 180/24p, 2160/24p and 2160/60p • New UniPhier SoC MN2WS0220 and Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore • 4K Chroma Direct Up Conversion • Play 4K videos and pictures 4K • 7.1 Analog output: 4 DACs 192 khz and 32 bit • All-aluminum chassis and isolated (RFI / EMI) with anti-vibration feet • Touchscreen remote • ...
Anyone know if there is a replacement planned for the Panasonic DMP BDT500? The Panasonic BDT500 has been out for a few years and with the recent price drops I figure something must be in the works.
Bummer, I've been wanting this BD player and missed the sale. Now it's $349! I'll respectfully pass. For a little more, I'll pick up an Oppo BD 103.
How does the sound of Axiom speakers compare with other home theater speakers? What I mean is, how does their sound compare with Paradigm Studios? Anyone heard the difference? I have Rocket 850's. Anyone have Axioms that had Rockets? What was the difference in sound quality between the two?
I voted room treatments. I think in most cases, it really depends on where you are at. Everyone approaches their needs differently. Me, I built my room, (acoustic treatments / decoupled from the rest of the house / sightlines) then added gear. When people ask me for sound advice, I always tell people to look at room treatments. You can have the most basic equipment, but upgrading the acoustics in your room will always make those cheap speakers sound better.
Yup...like anything else, you have to think in moderation. We use our machine about once or twice per week on average.I use coconut oil pre-packs and they work great and taste great.By the way, we have an 6oz Paragon machine and typically use 8oz pre-packs for a family of 4. The 8oz packs pop great in our 6oz machine.
Good question cbenson1978. Hopefully your question will get addressed, so I'll give it another bump.
I resent it when people make such a scathing post, but then don't change the thread title when the issue is rectified.Sure, you did state somewhere buried in this thread that your problem was taken care of by Emotiva. But you didn't change the thread title. Don't you think you should have?It's sort of like the corrections page on the local newspaper. Someone gets a scathing article written about them, then the newspaper thinks they made things right by leaving the...
All I’ll say re: you getting banned on the other forum is; stay away from controversy… and stay out of trouble… make sense??My mother use to tell me nothing good ever happens past midnight. I think those words of wisdom apply here.
BTW, I have never had an issue with audio sync on my UMC-1 either. Ya know, every time I come to AVS, I feel like I have the only solid working UMC-1 / Emotiva product on the planet... just another reason I frequent AVS less and less each year... and as you can see, I've been an AVS member for a long time and at one point, was very active here.
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